Audio Restoration

This was done for a good client of ours. Our client had to video record a charity event and create a 15 min long edited video, with audio. When the project was complete everything looked great visually. Unfortunately the audio recording was bad. Who ever was on the field, recording the dialogue (Interviews, commentary, etc.) had the gain on the preamps way to high on their DAR (digital audio recorder). This ultimately caused clipping, distortion and unwanted noise. There wasn't really much we could do as far as mixing, but in a situation like this we would use a multiple of de-clipping, de-noising and corrective EQ techniques. The RX5 by Izoptope allows us to look at the problem visually through spectrum view. This allows us to calibrate the modules this software provides me with down to a T. If you feel like this is a service we can provide for you or your company, feel free to book an appointment with us for free consultation. The files below allow you to play the original recording before we cleaned it up and the audio restored file after applying our techniques. Let us know what you think.




Original File.wav

Restored Audio By Soulful Creation Productions.wav


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